This is Now IT ~MJIB~Co.

Michael's Beloved ~MJIB~Co.

For Immediate Release!  10.16.19

The guy dressed up as MARSHMELLO is NOT MJ!

Stop Faking!


This is IT!


MJIBCo. Head Office 




GOOD NEWS!! 10.07.19

The MJIBco. STORE is RE OPENED to the Public!! No Log In Required!!!! 


With the L.O.V.E.... 

For Immediate Release! 10.07.19

The Security Has Been Extra Tight Around HERE!

 We Again Remind You No Financial Requests Unless Following a Relevant PR.

 Founder Cannot Personally Answer PM on FB. Take extreme caution what you send there.

As for Contacting MJIBco. Use the PM Feature Within this Website's Members Area.

Orders Dept. is :

Magical at mjinnocencebracelets dot com


 God Bless You All.


MJIBCo. Security. 


Trusted Since 2004...


Officially Recognized by ~Mr. Michael Jackson~ & MJJsource.com in 2005. Worn & Loved By MJJ Since 2005!

In the Spring of 2009,  ~MJIB~Co. Productions©  Was  Legally Signed On With MJJ & His Group of Companies.

 Linda asks you to BeLIEve & Keep the Faith!

This HIStorical  HOMEWebsite  is Family-Safe / Sacred Space & 100% Ad-Free.


1201 Designs in 47 Nations!    1000  Designs Reached! 12.17.13

 12.28.11 !! WE HAVE THE FIRST ORDER FROM UAE COMING IN!!!! Dubai iS Ordering!!! The 45th. Nation!!

12.25.12 WE HAVE the 46th. Nation Ordering!! What a Great Christmas Surprise!! SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!


Anywhere Linda GoeS, There is Quite the Excitement ... Following !!




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My Newest Testimony!  5.17.19

Hello dearest !
I finally received the bracelet ! Thank you!!! It is just as I pictured it, crazy!
The jade is a beauty! Thank you for the extra cord , it is much appreciated <3...but it’s a perfect fit don’t worry. Thank you for the adorable notes too...
Know it will be cherished.
Much love 
Live your incarnation to the fullest.


In my association with Miss. Linda McLaughlin within the past 16 years, I have learned that her entire LIVE-ication is to her family, and career. Linda has proven around the world that her mind and heart are all set in the right place. That place being progression. 

Linda has the most honest personality and  is the most driven woman to ever come in contact with any person. Her drive comes  from years of hard work as a Mother, and wife. Her struggles to raise three children, and care for a mentally challenged daughter. Her stubborness to get out of a less than perfect family situation, and rise against the odds that were against her.

Her hard work with the MICHAEL JACKSON Team in the past  15 years has been undeniably effortless. Day and night, she worked for so many high profile figures, around the globe, and her recognition has gone silent. Not asking for any compensation or any recognition she has done many jobs internationally on behalf of Mr. Jackson and is just as qualified as any other college graduated political figure.

Miss. McLaughlin has been a big influence in lives around the world. The message of hope and love this one woman brings to the world is something that is invaluable in any sense. We can all learn worlds of wisdom from this woman and I encourage everyone to visit her websites and read her stories on her own experiences. the valuable information and the strengths we can all learn will make this world a better place.

On behalf of all mankind..I love you..Linda McLaughlin.

This is a personal statement from the offices of Mr. Jason D.